Mitsubishi has equipped several of its vehicles with what it calls the Super-All Wheel Control AWD, or S-AWC. This technology can help transfer power to the wheels as required by monitoring the road below. This means there's improved...continue reading

One of the most significant things to take care of before winter sets in is to prepare your vehicle for the season. In this post, we share a few pointers to ensure that your car works well amidst chilly temperatures:

Maintain the Antifreeze and Coolant at Safe Levels
A vital portion of your vehicles coolant is antifreeze. Maintaining an appropriate level is critical to prevent your vehicle engine from freezing during winters. A frozen engine obviously underperforms and increases the risk of getting stranded during journeys....continue reading

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage is power-packed with best-in-class features that make this car perfect for urban driving. The model was first released in the year 1978 and has remained a favorite ever since. 

The most recent...continue reading

Purchasing and installing your childs car seat in Emmaus, PA may seem like getting your vehicle ready for a trip into space. There are a number of buckles and belts to fasten, latches to anchor, and weight limits to consider. 

A child car seat is a critical aspect of child safety. According to the CDC, when your child is securely placed in an appropriate car seat, his or her chances of dying in an accident plummet by more than 70%.

Purchasing a car seat may feel overwhelming at first due to a considerable number...continue reading

The all-new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in Emmaus, PA, is here and seems better than ever. This crossover-SUV is ideal for the ideal driving experience on city roads and highways. With its spacious seating arrangements...continue reading