Mitsubishi gives high priority to safety across all vehicles to give the driver and passengers peace of mind in their journey. Nothing is missed out on safety whether it is their 7 bag air safety, active stability control, or adaptive cruise control. There are other safety features like auto high beams, forward collision mitigation, blind-spot warning along with lane departure warning. There are several more safety features.

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The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Phev Model is one of the most sought-after cars in the electric vehicle range. Even the base models have some of the most advanced safety and driver-assist features. This includes:

  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Lane Change Assist And Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Rain-sensing Wipers
  • 360-Degree Camera
  • Automatic High Beam
  • Forward Collision Mitigation

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Today the small or subcompact cars have come a long way, unlike early times when they did not have the basic luxuries of air-conditioning, seat belts & anti-lock brakes, etc. Nowadays the small cars have all these added necessities but that does not mean that you are buying cheap. These days small cars are not just brought for budgetary reasons but also for its urban-ready ability to zip around the city & fuel efficiency.

The Subcompact Class Cars

Mitsubishi launched its own unique and innovative platform of smart services a couple of years ago, aimed at providing Mitsubishi customers with a reliable, safe, and convenient driving experience.

Mitsubishis Eclipse Cross introduced the world to Mitsubishi Connect on its select trims. Customers can avail these services by signing up for a simple subscription policy. A factory-installed and embedded Telematics Control Unit facilitating GPS and 4G LTE capability within the vehicle enables Mitsubishi...continue reading

Used car buyers are aware that buying a previously used car is always a gamble. You enjoy better savings when you buy a used car, but have to give up the protection youd be made available with a new car. We help you make an informed used car purchase decision by listing out the 10 red flags to look out for in a used cars history

1. Considerably Young Car with Multiple Owners
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