Installing Windshield Wipers

Are your windshield wipers old, and do they need replacing? The great news is that you dont need to take your car to a garage to get your windshield wipers replaced. You can install new windshield wipers at home, by yourself, as a DIY project.

Check Which Part Of The Windshield Wiper Needs Replacing
A windshield wiper is made up of three parts the arm, the blade, and the rubber insert that lies within the blade. Sometimes you need to replace parts of the windshield wiper, and...continue reading

Rotating tires means changing the position of your vehicle tires regularly. Tire rotation is important to increase the lifespan of tires and to ensure a safe and smooth ride. Without tire rotation, tires wear unevenly, which can lead to premature tire damage.

For the best results, tires need to be rotated according to their pattern. Given here are the ways to rotate your tires depending on their pattern. If you want some expert intervention for your Mitsubishi tires, you can always visit our Kelly Mitsubishi dealership...continue reading

If you have a Mitsubishi that is due for service, you are going to be excited to learn about their range of high-quality parts and accessories. Mitsubishi parts and accessories are engineered to ensure impeccable compatibility with your vehicle.

You can find parts and accessories for your Mitsubishi vehicle anywhere, but it is highly recommended that you opt for genuine Mitsubishi parts and accessories. They are designed to fit snug and secure with your Mitsubishi vehicle. Theres also the warranty aspect:...continue reading

Summer has finally graced us, and we hope your vehicles are as prepared as you are to welcome the long days, lazy afternoons, and clear nights of this season. Taking the proper precautions for the summer will help you cut down on maintenance costs and add to the durability and life of your car. Here is a small list of things to check to ensure your car is ready for the summer heat.

Air Conditioning
Check the airconditioning system thoroughly before the summer. It pays to have the air conditioning system...continue reading

One of the better SUVs on the market today is the excellent Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross which combines ruggedness with comfort in a unique manner. It is technologically advanced, while not being overly complex or fragile, and its engine and performance are as great as any that Mitsubishi delivers.

If you are looking to purchase this fine SUV or if you simply want to lease it, there are a plethora of options available to you and if you are from Emmaus, PA then you can simply avail the services...continue reading