Maintenance Schedules

You deserve a vehicle that will stay on the road as long as possible. While plenty of vehicles are built for longevity, even the best need regular maintenance to perform in top shape. Even if there are no major problems with your vehicle, several difficult-to-notice problems could be building up into something major.

Properly maintaining your vehicle is the best way to prevent huge issues that need repairing. Even if nothing ever goes wrong with your vehicle, a detailed record of regular maintenance does a lot to dramatically increase your vehicle’s resale value. Make sure your vehicle is on a proper maintenance schedule to keep it going as long as possible. For Mitsubishi vehicles, you can use our handy maintenance schedules found on our comprehensive list.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Maintenance Schedule

Mitsubishi Outlander Maintenance Schedule

Why a Maintenance Schedule?

If you want to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible no matter how new or old it is, a maintenance schedule is the best way. These handy tools map out your vehicle’s future with service dates designed to address the most common problems your specific model tends to face at that time. It’s rarely big stuff, so you don’t even have to worry about paying too much.

For example, about every six months, you need to get your oil and oil filter changed. This will apply to all vehicles though the exact mileage dates may be different depending on your model. Keep in mind that not everything needs to get changed as frequently as oil. Your tires, as well as your timing belt, will last much longer. With a maintenance schedule, you know exactly what needs to get changed and when.

Where to Get Service

Keeping your car on a reliable maintenance schedule means you need to find a place to get it serviced. For drivers in the Emmaus, Allentown and Bethlehem areas, look no further than Kelly Mitsubishi. Our dedicated service technicians are highly trained and ready to tackle any service your vehicle needs. If you use a Kelly Mitsubishi maintenance schedule you can be sure that every service on there can be handled quickly and efficiently by our very own team of service professionals.

Visit us or contact us online to schedule your maintenance appointment today!