Crossover vs. SUV

Crossover vs. SUV

Over the centuries, car enthusiasts have been blessed by the automotive industry with countless inventions and developments. Styles and designs have come and gone, and every year fresh brands are entering the market. SUV models were the largest sold among them. Given its rough look and spacious interiors, the SUV has been the go-to family car for many. However, it soon faced competition from a new segment - the Crossover. So subtle are the differences between an SUV and a crossover that these two terms are often used interchangeably.

The difference between the two is mostly structural. The most distinguishing feature that differentiates an SUV and a crossover is the chassis on which the body of the vehicle is structured. While the body of an SUV is based on a truck chassis, the body of a crossover is based on a car chassis. Given their robust chassis, compatible suspension, and incredible drivetrain, SUVs are designed to cruise smoothly on uneven terrains - something that crossovers aren’t equipped to do.

Structural differences between crossovers and SUVs Yet another difference between SUVs and crossovers is that the latter is designed as a unibody structure, i.e., the body and the frame of the car is built as one piece. Crossovers derive their name from the fact that they combine the features and styles of both SUVs and passenger vehicles, such as station wagons and hatchbacks.

On the other hand, SUVs are designed as a “body on frame” model which means there are two separate pieces (body and frame) that go into making an SUV. This design renders SUVs heavier, stable, and more durable. Crossovers, due to their unibody structure, are more compact, lighter, and provide their users with quicker and smoother rides with better fuel efficiency.

So if you would like a vehicle that can brave difficult terrains and provide the stability and durability you expect on adventure trips, then you should consider an SUV. If you would like a family car that is compact, light, easy to maneuver, and boasts great mileage, then you should buy a crossover. Visit the nearest car showroom to find out and explore your options. Mitsubishi features a number of SUV and crossover options for you to choose from.

Source: Mitsubishi