2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Safety | Kelly Mitusbishi

2019 Eclipse Cross Safety | Kelly Mitsubishi

 Mitsubishi has always been known for its superior safety features and sharp look. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which is a mid-size SUV, lives up to the brand’s safety expectations with excellent safety features and a five-star rating from the Euro NCAP on its crash test. Although the mid-size SUV range is a crowded one, yet Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with its sharp interiors as well as exteriors, stands out in this crowd. The 2019 model is currently available in petrol variant only, and a diesel engine is expected to follow soon.

Among other features is the car’s 6-speed manual gearbox which comes in the standard trim. You also have the option of going for the CVT automatic gearbox, however, the latter option anyways becomes mandatory when you go for the petrol 4x4 model. The best thing about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is that it covers lots of features in its basic trim, itself. So, if you don’t wish to add the bells and whistles, you’ll still have a great looking and functional car, with superior safety features. Safety features in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a long list of safety features added to its basic trims and onwards.

Reviewed and loved by many, Mitsubishi has always been a favorite among users who prefer safety and functionality over everything else. With a 5-star crash test rating, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross proves that it is capable of protecting both adults (88 percent) and children (84 percent), alike, in case a crash becomes unavoidable. Among other features added to the model are: active cruise control, lane-departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, auto-dipping headlights and blind spot monitoring. Although there aren’t many significant changes in the 2019 model, the pros of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross still hold good. The car provides lots of features that are standard, starting at the trim 2 level. The turbocharged engine delivers superior performance, and the in-car infotainment system is extremely user-friendly. Overall, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross makes for a great option if you are contemplating a mid-size SUV purchase. With superior performance, safety, and reliability, this car is the perfect choice for families. Buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in Emmaus and enjoy this feature-rich car.

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