How to Install Windshield Wipers

Are your windshield wipers old, and do they need replacing? The great news is that you don’t need to take your car to a garage to get your windshield wipers replaced. You can install new windshield wipers at home, by yourself, as a DIY project.

Check Which Part Of The Windshield Wiper Needs Replacing
A windshield wiper is made up of three parts – the arm, the blade, and the rubber insert that lies within the blade. Sometimes you need to replace parts of the windshield wiper, and at other times, you need to replace only certain sections of it.

But, if you’ve been driving the same car for at least a year, you need to replace your windshield wiper completely.

Purchase The Parts You Need At The Store
You can purchase windshield wipers and individual parts at any auto accessory store or even at places like Walmart. There are many superior quality brands available, and you can ask the store clerk to help you find a windshield wiper that matches your car.

Place The Windshield Wiper Arm In An Upright
Once you get back to your car, raise the windshield wiper so that it’s standing up, that is, the arm is facing the sky. Never change windshield wipers when they’re in a lying-down position. In some cars, the windshield wipers are designed specifically for the right or left side. So, identify the correct sides and match them.

Take-off The Windshield Wiper Blade And Replace The Rubber Insert
There’s a small tab located at the underside of the windshield wiper, at the point where the arm and the rubber inert intersect. Push/press the tab to release it, and the wiper blade will come off.

If you need to change the rubber insert, push the tab located at the bottom of the blade to expose the rubber insert. Take out the old rubber insert and then put in the new one.

If you wish to change the blade entirely, you can just directly replace the old blade with the new one. It will already have a brand new rubber insert.

Change The Wiper Arm
To change the wiper arm, hold the wiper blade with one hand and with the other, use a wrench to gently tug the bolt off. You can then install a new wiper arm by tightening on the arm.

Hook The Blade Through The Arm
Once your new windshield wiper arm is attached, line the blade up with the arm so that the metal hook on the blade will go through the arm. Pull at it until you hear a click. The blade is now in place.

To check whether you’ve installed it correctly, just run the windshield wiper and see if the angle is correct.

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