Mitsubishi Connect for the Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi launched its own unique and innovative platform of smart services a couple of years ago, aimed at providing Mitsubishi customers with a reliable, safe, and convenient driving experience.

Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross introduced the world to Mitsubishi Connect on its select trims. Customers can avail these services by signing up for a simple subscription policy. A factory-installed and embedded Telematics Control Unit facilitating GPS and 4G LTE capability within the vehicle enables Mitsubishi Connect.

You Can Now Receive Real-time Status Updates About Your Mitsubishi Vehicle!

Mitsubishi Connect makes available a range of facilities, such as –

  • Check Vehicle Status – You can easily monitor essential statistical information about your Mitsubishi car with Mitsubishi Connect. It informs you about the distance your car has traveled, its fuel and engine oil levels, interior temperature, and more.

  • Enjoy Remote Services – You can now remotely lock/unlock your Mitsubishi with Mitsubishi’s remote keyless entry service. You can dim or brighten your car headlights and even manipulate Climate Control settings remotely using Mitsubishi Connect. Never worry about leaving your vehicle unattended near an adolescent with Mitsubishi Connect’s suite of remote parental control offerings. Geofence, speed alert, and curfew alert are featured parental control features that only serve to make the intelligent platform more attractive and convenient for customers. 

  • Make Your Driving Safer – When you subscribe for Mitsubishi Connect on your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, you are made available automatic collision notifications, stolen vehicle and roadside assistance, SOS emergency information, alarm notifications, and mileage tracking. If you happen to be in an emergency situation inside your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross yourself, you can use Mitsubishi Connect’s on-board SOS and information assistance buttons to provide yourself with the much-needed assistance you seek.

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Source: Mitsubishi