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Experience Comfortable City-Driving with the Mitsubishi 2019 Mirage G4


The Mitsubishi 2019 Mirage G4 is designed to be the perfect car for city travel. The 2019 model promises ample space in the form of plenty of leg room and trunk space, along with excellent technical support that makes internet navigation and searches a breeze when you are using it through the car’s Smartphone Link Display Audio. The 2019 Mirage G4 is a 5-seater sedan that offers impressive fuel economy, great warranty coverage, and also happens to be one of the least expensive sedans available in the market.


The original Mitsubishi Mirage was launched way back in 1978 as 2-door and 4-door compact hatchback. Over all these years of evolution, Mitsubishi gave Mirage a huge set of upgrades and launched the 2017 model which boasted of a sleeker front face, LED tail lights, fog lights, and HID automatic headlights. The interiors were revamped too, with a new steering wheel, high-gloss shift panel, new instrument cluster among other edits. Ever since the launch of the 2017 model, Mitsubishi has been introducing new and improved variants of the popular Mirage G4, the 2019 version being the latest one.


What’s changed for 2019?


With the 2019 model, Mitsubishi has provided the Mirage G4 with cruise control and the much-needed adjustable driver-seat height. The new model will have seats with silver stitching in all cars. The car’s inbuilt Smartphone Link Display Audio works with Apple Car Play™ and Android Auto™ which means you can use voice control and Siri/Google Now™ to get directions and play music without any hassle. The 2019 Mirage G4 also provides ample leg room and trunk space and most importantly, the convenience of passthrough that allows you to reach the trunk from the backseat and access contents easily.


Why you should buy 2019 Mirage G4


If you are looking for a fuel-efficient sedan at an affordable price (starting at $14,795) which also promises spacious interiors and future-forward technology, then the 2019 Mirage G4 is just the car for you. The 2019 model provides yearly fuel savings of $235. Mitsubishi is also offering its generous and comprehensive warranty plan to the 2019 Mirage G4 model, as it has done for all its previous models. If you are planning to go for the 2019 Mirage G4, you can choose from its ES, RF, and SE variants, based on the features you would like most in your car.


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