Mitsubishi Routine Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of your Mitsubishi vehicle is important if you want it to keep performing at its best. In Mitsubishi vehicles that come with an electronic computer, there is an in-built system that alerts the driver when it is time for your maintenance schedule.

Whether your Mitsubishi is equipped with a built-in maintenance calendar, or not, it helps to be aware of what goes into routine vehicle maintenance:

Routine service for every 3 months includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • Cabin air filter inspection
  • Schedule an appointment at the end of 6 months for the following:

  • Tire rotation
  • Engine oil change
  • Inspection of the suspension system
  • Inspection of rotors and brake pads
  • Replacement of cabin air filter
  • Replacement of engine oil filter

  •  Mitsubishi recommends elaborate maintenance for mileage intervals of 15, 000 miles. This service typically includes:

    • Engine oil change
    • Tire rotation
    • Replacement of spark plugs and cabin air filter
    • Replacement of air cleaner filter and engine oil filter
    • Inspection of wheel cylinders, brake linings, rotors, and brake pads
    • Inspection of brake system hoses and automatic transmission system
    • Inspection of tire repair kit

    Extend the life of your vehicle’s battery by turning off accessories before starting your vehicle. Turn off accessories such as chair heaters, headlights, and stereo, as part of your Mitsubishi vehicle and car maintenance.

    Keep your vehicle clean by washing it regularly.

    Getting your vehicle cleaned at an authorized Mitsubishi service center ensures excellent results. A monthly clean up can keep your vehicle clean and attractive. Remember to check tire pressure and tread on a monthly basis and ensure that they are maintained at levels specified in the owner’s manual. Maintaining proper tire pressure and tread prevents premature tire wear. In addition, healthy tires give you excellent traction and keep you safe on the roads.

    Replenish your windshield wiper fluid every month.

    Wiper fluid is essential to keep your windshield clean for greater visibility. While maintenance is important, it is crucial that your Mitsubishi is attended to by well-trained technicians. At our Mitsubishi-authorized service center at Emmaus, PA, we have factory-trained technicians to attend to your vehicle’s maintenance. You can explore our attractive service package offers as well.

    For more Mitsubishi vehicle maintenance tips, visit Kelly Mitsubishi today. We are only a short drive from Philadelphia, Allentown, and Easton.

    Source: Mitsubishi