Mitsubishi Service and Maintenance

Every single individual must pay special attention to the service and maintenance needs of their vehicle. Driving under particular road conditions or even for long distances can take a toll on the lifespan of the car. Frequent wear and tear caused by driving on city roads can cause vital components to deteriorate at a quicker pace.

Moreover, when your car parts are damaged, you will need to have them replaced. The entire process of assessing damage and carrying out fixes requires the skill and expertise of a mechanic, and you will need to shell out quite a bit of money to do so. 

To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is advisable to maintain a regular servicing schedule every once in a while for top-notch working order. 

Mitsubishi’s Service Indicator Lights

Most Mitsubishi cars in Emmaus, PA, are equipped with an electronic computer system linked to the dashboard. This system is designed to read algorithms and predict the need for a service and maintenance session. 

You will be alerted of the same with the help of a small wrench-shaped symbol that will appear on the dashboard, along with a text that reads ‘routine maintenance required’. This indicator is based on the car’s general wear and tear as well as the number of miles driven. 

When the car keeps a track of the same, it becomes easier for the owner to be reminded that they need to service their vehicle.

What Does A Basic Maintenance Session Include?
A basic car maintenance session will top up the car’s fluid levels and may also include a replacement of the air, oil, and fuel filters. The heater plugs and cabin AC filters are checked to see if they are functioning correctly. 

Brake pads are replaced if they have suffered extensive wear and tear. Other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and tire rotation may also be included. Lastly, the car’s interiors and exteriors are cleaned to reveal a bright and shiny vehicle. 

It is important to have your car serviced every once in a while, and it is also highly beneficial to keep a record of the same. Visit Kelly Mitsubishi in Emmaus to know more about your servicing requirements.