Mitsubishi's Top Safety Features

Mitsubishi gives high priority to safety across all vehicles to give the driver and passengers’ peace of mind in their journey. Nothing is missed out on safety whether it is their 7 bag air safety, active stability control, or adaptive cruise control. There are other safety features like auto high beams, forward collision mitigation, blind-spot warning along with lane departure warning. There are several more safety features.

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Important safety features

Some Mitsibushi models have added an additional safety bag to the six standard airbags. The seventh airbag is placed on the driver side dashboard. Stability Control (ASC) constantly monitors the grip of tires. It comes standard on Mirage G4, Mirage, and Outlander Sport. Adaptive cruise control helps maintain a safe driving distance using the radar system. The feature of an automatic high beam automatically detects vehicles and switches between high and low beams to avoid an accident. The drivers don’t have to do it.

Lane departure warning and blind-spot warning are designed to alert you in case a vehicle approaches your blind spot. If a vehicle is cruising parallel to you, a warning light appears in your side mirror.

You get an unobstructed view of the road under the conditions of rain or snow with standard fog light beams available in some Mitsubishi models. In addition, you get enhanced visibility with LED taillights and halogen headlights. The feature of forward collision mitigation uses a combination of camera and radar to alert you against forward collision with audible and visual signals. Similarly, a Lane departure warning helps you keep in the right lane.

There are several more safety features in Mitsubishi vehicles including LED auto high beam lights, multi-view camera system, and rain-sensing windshield wipers. The rear cross-traffic alert keeps you safe while you are reversing. In addition, the rearview camera gives you a wide view when you reverse.

The Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body in Mitsubishi is designed to absorb high impact collisions with crumple zones.

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Source: Mitsubishi