Mitsubishi Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Maintaining a car is done best when you create a schedule and stick to it. Car maintenance has many advantages - it ensures that the depreciation rate of your car does not go too low so you get a better resell value at the end of the day, it makes sure that your car looks in top shape as you drive around Emmaus, Allentown, in Easton or in Philadelphia - and most importantly, it grants peak performance to your vehicle at all times. 

How Do You Maintain Your Mitsubishi Vehicle?

To make sure that your Mitsubishi parts and accessories are performing at their best, follow the given schedule that was created by Mitsubishi, or stick to your own schedule. If you want to make your own vehicle repair schedule, then you can achieve this by noting down the essential car servicing requirements your Mitsubishi model needs and by basing it off the official schedule. 

However, generally, either every three months or when you reach a mileage of 3750 miles, you should: 

  • Carry out a regular oil change.
  • Do a tire rotation service.
  • Examine the vehicle's cabin air filter.
  • Replace the engine oil filter. 

Once you reach six months or cross 7500 miles, whichever comes earlier, you should do the aforementioned car servicing again, along with:

  • Make sure you get your disc brake pads checked.
  • Get a professional to examine the suspension system in your Mitsubishi vehicle. 
  • Replace the cabin's air filter. 

The next time you get a car maintenance service from a Mitsubishi Service Department, you will have a few more things you need to get checked and repaired if necessary.

When you reach a year with your vehicle, or when you cross 15,000 miles with it, in addition to everything else you have had to do during your previous maintenance runs, you should also: 

  • Get the car's spark plugs replaced. 
  • Inspect brake system as well as hoses. 
  • Get the rear drum base linings examined and maintained. 
  • Get the wheel cylinders checked.
  • Ensure that your driveshaft boots are looked at. 

In addition to these, there are a few things you should also look out for at home. These include: 

  • Always ensure that your car's headlights and brake lights are working properly. 
  • Ensure that the tire pressure in your car is already balanced. 
  • Always keep your car washed and cleaned. For the windshield and windows, only use windshield wiper fluid. 

For a professional Mitsubishi car service in Emmaus, Allentown, Easton, or Philadelphia, visit a Mitsubishi Service Department to get your car serviced today! If you are looking for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross performance parts, then a Mitsubishi Service Department will be able to take care of all your needs.

Source: Mitsubishi