Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

Summer has finally graced us, and we hope your vehicles are as prepared as you are to welcome the long days, lazy afternoons, and clear nights of this season. Taking the proper precautions for the summer will help you cut down on maintenance costs and add to the durability and life of your car. Here is a small list of things to check to ensure your car is ready for the summer heat.

Air Conditioning
Check the airconditioning system thoroughly before the summer. It pays to have the air conditioning system checked out by a certified technician. You don't want this to be breaking down in the middle of the busy day while you are stuck in traffic.

Coolant Systems
Your vehicle's coolant systems will be stressed during the summer, and many breakdowns occur due to the overheating of the vehicle. As a rule of thumb, the coolant system should be completely flushed and refilled once every 24 months.

Hoses and Belts 
Check all the belts and hoses in the vehicle as these components are usually made of rubber, and rubber changes its dimensions with an increase or decrease in temperature. This results in the need to tighten belts as they become a little loose in the heat. Also, check to make sure that the belts are not cracked or too stiff as this usually signals an impending breakdown.

Tires need to be checked as they are also susceptible to change in dimensions due to temperature changes. Furthermore, tires heat up much quicker in the summers, and this also affects their performance. Make sure the tires are in good condition and that you put a reasonable amount of air in them because air expands in a heated environment.

Engine Performance
A well-maintained engine should ensure that the car does not suffer from any noticeable performance issues in the summers.

It pays to have the vehicle tuned up, keeping in mind the above-mentioned points for the summer. For the residents of Allentown, Easton, and Philadelphia, check out the Kelly Mitsubishi dealership in Emmaus, PA, to get the best tune-up at very affordable rates. It is better to maintain your car today than pay for damages tomorrow.

Source: Mitsubishi