Mitsubishi Offering Free Safety Driving Courses for Teens

Mitsubishi understands the importance of safe driving and the need to build a conversation around driving habits amongst teens. Unfortunately, a majority of teen deaths in the United States are caused by car crashes. As young and angsty individuals, teens often enjoy the thrill of driving without understanding the big responsibility they hold by sitting behind the wheel. 

Mitsubishi has launched a new initiative that seeks to involve teens into a conversation around safe driving and also teach them about solutions to different problems that they may encounter on the road. 

Who Is Eligible For The Program?
The program is open to teens aged 15-19 years and requires that the individual have a driver’s license or a learner’s permit, in addition to a minimum of 30 hours of driving experience. 

Throughout the training program, the teen needs to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Furthermore, parents and guardians will be encouraged to actively participate during the training process. 

What Does The Program Include?
The curriculum for the training program will include a course that will educate teens and their guardians regarding the basic problems faced while driving and how they can overcome the same. 

The course includes Distracted Driving Awareness, Panic Braking, Crash Avoidance, Car Control/Skid Recovery, and Dropped-wheel/Off-road Recovery. In addition to this, the course will also encompass 30 minutes of classroom time, where the educator will go over the basics of car driving and how to assist yourself in an emergency. 

The session offers over 3 hours of driving the new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and Eclipse Cross, with professional instructors comprising current and former members of law enforcement, stunt drivers, and professional racers. Each session lasts for four hours, and the participants can choose their timings on the weekend as per their schedule.

The program seeks to prepare teens with more than just rudimentary Driver’s Ed knowledge by making them aware of the different situations that may pop up and how these can be tackled. 

The campaign comes in light of Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc.’s new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, the “Small Batch – Big Impact” campaign, which seeks to involve the community in driving initiatives. 

You can contact Kelly Mitsubishi dealership in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, to learn more about the program.