Tips for Driving in the Rain

Heavy rains and downpours block visibility and can lead to vehicle skidding, hydroplaning and brake failure. Here are some tips to drive safely in such conditions:

Focus Soley on Driving

Complete control of your vehicle is crucial while driving on wet roads. This means you need complete focus.

Maintain both hands on the steering wheel and drive slowly. It is not advisable to remove your hands from the wheel to use them for things like switching on music or answering your phone. Such diversions can be fatal.

Prevent Driving Close to Heavy Vehicles

Putting a distance spanning several lengths of cars between your vehicle and the one before you will help prevent a collision.

If you are tailing a large automobile, such as a bus or truck, you need to be extra careful. For one, drivers of such large vehicles will not able to view cars behind them, which can put you at high risk of a collision on wet roads.

Second, wet splashes left behind by such large vehicles can block your visibility. For these reasons, maintain a safe distance while driving behind them.

Avoid Sudden Actions

Actions such as applying the brakes abruptly, swerving suddenly, or changing gears instantly can turn fatal on wet roads. This is because contact with water lowers traction, which reduces your control of the vehicle.

The best way to maintain handling is to drive slowly and avoid abrupt and heavy movements. If you need to apply the brakes, avoid coming down on them heavily. Instead, press them slowly and put adequate separation between you and the car in front while doing so to prevent an unfortunate impact.

Keep Your Headlights On

Do not switch off your headlights even if it's the day time. Visibility is low on rainy days, and active headlights can be life-savers in such conditions.

Maintaining your vehicle in sound condition is crucial to ensure safety during precipitation. One way to do this is to schedule a professional service beforehand to prepare your vehicle for the rains ahead.

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Source: Pexels