Tips For Protecting Your Car In The Summer

    Tips For Protecting Your Car In The Summer

    The summer’s red heat can be really destructive for cars. But with the right steps, you can make certain your vehicle never overheats or gets damaged. 

    In this article, we review a few ideas to keep in mind during the summer.

    1. Cover the steering wheel with a small towel & seats with a blanket. 
      Summer heat can overheat your leather steering wheel and seats. This can bleach the leather and ruin the look of your car. Covering them with towels and blankets can keep the heat out. 

    2. Increase tire pressure. 
      The intense rays of the sun heat up roads too. When you operate your car on hot roads, the tire absorbs this heat. When the tires overheat, the sidewalls bend out-of-shape and burst. A significant way to prevent this from happening is to increase the pressure by 3-5 psi. 

    3. Top-up the compressor oil and coolants to keep the A/C working 
      The compressor oils and coolants in your car evaporate very instantly during the summer. When this happens, the car’s A/C starts to malfunction. The best way to keep your car safe from the summer sun is regularly top-up the coolant and compressor oil. 

    4. Maintain the battery regularly. 
      Excessive heat speed up the car’s battery charging. When overcharged, the car’s battery starts to act faulty and can experience internal damage. Carrying out regular battery repairs and checks can ensure your battery is in satisfactory condition. 

    5. Use visors, sun shades, and dash cover to keep the interiors cool. 
      Sunshades and visors can direct the rays out of the window. This can prevent the creation of a greenhouse effect inside a locked car. A dash cover – in the form of a blanket or cloth – can protect your belongings in the dashboard from overheating and getting destroyed. 

    6. Get your car polished before summer sets in.
      Did you know that a car’s paint peels in very high temperatures? This is why it's crucially vital to have your car polished properly before summer sets in. This will keep the paint safe and on top keep your interiors cool.

    7. Park in the shade. 
      Ultimately, the best way to protect your car in the summer is to keep it parked in the garage or under a tree. This can significantly reduce the heat on your car and keep it safe. 

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    Source: Mitsubishi