Top 10 Tips for New Teen Drivers

Letting your teenager drive your car can prove to be a nerve-racking experience for everyone. To make things easier, you need to educate your teen about the consequences of unsafe teen driving. Teenagers who drove when distracted accounted for over three thousand deaths. Teenagers are the largest group involved in car crashes. Here is a brief look at the top 10 tips for new teen drivers.

1. Enroll Your Teenager in A Safe-Driving Course

When your teenage child gets to practice safe driving procedures, he or she will be better prepared to deal with the unexpected.

2. Put an End to Distractions

There are plenty of ways that your teenager can be distracted when behind the wheel. From their phones to electronic billboards, there is plenty out there to take their attention away from driving. This can result in crashes or other unforeseen events. So, make sure you discourage texting and driving.

3. Make Him or Her Practice Driving at Night

It takes much experience and skills to drive at night. One way to build up these skills is by making your teenager practice nighttime driving.

4. Stay Within Speed Limits

High-speed driving is a major contributing factor to traffic accidents and deaths. Teenagers who are new to driving should be encouraged to observe speed limits so as to avoid mishaps.

5. Drive-in Proper Weather

Teenagers are most vulnerable when they are behind the wheel in bad weather. They do not know how to deal with ice and snow as well as rain and fog. Teaching them the basics of driving in inclement weather can ensure their safety.

6. Drive Carefully in School Zones

Teenagers need to be taught how to drive slowly in school zones. They should learn to stop for school buses, and they should know about fire lanes that are present around schools.

7. Negotiate Yellow Lights Cautiously

Instead of speeding when they see an orange light, teenagers should be encouraged to slow down and stop as outrunning orange lights are dangerous.

8. Make Your Teenager Study to Get Good Grades at School

Good grades play an important role in getting reasonable car insurance. In fact, teenagers with good grades can also get discounts when applying for their car insurance.

9. Proper Driving Etiquette

Teenagers who always keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road are less likely to meet with an accident. They will also not get distracted when driving.

10. Set a Good Example

As a parent, you need to set a good example for your teenager. This will encourage him or her to drive safely.

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