5 Things to Know about Your Car's Transmission

When you’re looking to buy a car, one of the foremost things that you are supposed to check for is the transmission. We delve into this and more below.

What Does a Car’s Transmission stand for?

A vehicle’s transmission refers to a set of components that receive power from the engine. It is responsible for distributing this power across the wheels of the car. So, it is imperative for any car-owner to ensure that their four-wheeler’s transmission stays in optimal shape for it to function as desired. 

Your Car’s Transmission Can Sometimes Leak

A transmission leak is among the most common servicing problems faced by maintenance staff. A transmission fluid change must be carried out on a periodic basis, failing which you could have a transmission leak on your hands. Similarly, they could also occur as a by-product of regular wear-and-tear.

Change Your Transmission Fluid Now and Then

The transmission fluid is what maintains the components of your vehicle’s transmission in working order. It keeps all the fittings lubricated and cool. However, the more weight your vehicle tows and the farther you drive it, the more your vehicle’s transmission fluid deteriorates. 

Get The Transmission Fluid Power-flushed

One of several transmission maintenance exercises you will need your car to undergo is power-flushing. Sometimes, you will need to do more than just changing the transmission fluid; rope in a mechanic, who would use a machine to run new oil through your car’s transmission. The process will not only achieve an oil change but also clear out sludge and grime from the transmission.

A Transmission Repair or Replacement Could be Expensive

As we said before, your car’s transmission is your car’s lifeline. We recommend you to buy a CPO or new car altogether, if possible, to bypass the expenses of a car transmission overhaul.

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Source: Mitsubishi