How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

One of the most significant things to take care of before winter sets in is to prepare your vehicle for the season. In this post, we share a few pointers to ensure that your car works well amidst chilly temperatures:

Maintain the Antifreeze and Coolant at Safe Levels
A vital portion of your vehicle’s coolant is antifreeze. Maintaining an appropriate level is critical to prevent your vehicle engine from freezing during winters. A frozen engine obviously underperforms and increases the risk of getting stranded during journeys.

Check your coolant level using a custom and usually available coolant kit in auto hardware stores. You can even head to your nearest car service in Allentown, Easton, or Philadelphia to fill the coolant or do it yourself.

Check Your Tires
Strong tires are key to maintaining a firm grip on the road during winters. It is essential to find out if your vehicle tires are up for the task.

Start by checking the tire pressure. A readymade kit is available for the purpose in many auto-part stores. You can also obtain the right tire pressure from the model's manual. If the pressure is not up to the mark, rectify it immediately.

The penny test is popular for checking tread depth. Push the penny into the tire tread upside down so that Lincoln’s head goes into it. If the vehicle's entire head is visible after insertion, your tread depth is faulty, and you need to replace the tires.

Use Season-customized Fluid for Windshield Wipers
A clean windshield is key to maintaining excellent visibility on road during winters. Standard wiper fluids seldom work for winters. The liquid can even freeze upon contact with the windshield.

Go for a winter fluid instead. This fluid can tolerate winter roughness and will loosen any ice or snow falling on the windshield.

Keep an Emergency Box Ready in the Vehicle
Collect a box with items crucial for winter journeys. Some basic essential include first-aid kits, road flares, flashlights, well-charged mobile phones for emergency situations, extra clothes and a pair of gloves for the driver.

Consider a complete winter vehicle service too. If you are in search of a professional car service in Emmaus, take the time to visit us and discover some of the most reasonable deals for your winter vehicle service.