General Maintenance Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

General Maintenance Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Hopefully when you bought your Outlander Sport, you reviewed the owner’s manual, set up a Maintenance Schedule and established a good working relationship with a Mitsubishi Service Center. If you haven’t, there’s always the opportunity to do so from now on.

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That is the best advice to a new car owner – never forget that a dime’s worth of maintenance can save a dollar’s worth of repair. Most important: stay current on the fluids. This is particularly important in the heat of the summer and the cold of winter. And it is not just oil or coolant, there are also brake fluids, anti-freeze and windshield washer fluids that need to be checked periodically.

Keep a common sense approach to driving, don’t do the impossible with your Outlander Sport, though it is tempting! The vehicle is made for fun but not necessarily extreme off road conditions. Pay attention to road conditions, you want to avoid road hazards such as sharp metals, nails, glass, etc. Ice covered, snowy or wet conditions on the road mean you have to be more careful and drive defensively. Tire Pressure always needs to be monitored and maintained at the recommended levels. Low tire pressure can cost you lower gas mileage and unnecessary wear on your tires. Get a tire pressure gauge and have one of our Mitsubishi experts at Kelly Mitsubishi show you the proper way to measure the pressure.

If you need major repairs, think carefully about your Warranty. If you use aftermarket parts when the warranty calls for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, the Warranty may be voided, check with us at Kelly Mitsubishi before commencing on a major repair – perhaps due to an accident – on your Outlander Sport. Remember to fully follow the preventive maintenance schedule set by Mitsubishi – this maintenance schedule is set up for your benefit. We want you to have a long, enjoyable relationship with your vehicle and to partner with us in keeping everything in topnotch shape.

Lastly, listen to what your Outlander Sport is telling you – get to know your car very well so that you will be attentive at the first signs of trouble. This will keep maintenance costs low and will extend the life of your Outlander Sport for years of pleasurable driving, as well as keeping its resale value at its maximum. Make sure you develop a relationship with one particular service and repair center like Kelly Mitsubishi, and not just for the maintenance agreement or Mitusbishi warranty, we want to partner with you to take good care of your Outlander Sport. Our shop will keep a record of all maintenance so you always do what needs to be done and don’t have done what is not necessary or redundant!