America on Wheels Museum

America on Wheels Museum

Within Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, inside the U.S., America on Wheels includes an over-the-road transportation museum.Allentown is a city situated inside Lehigh County, PA, USA. It’s Pennsylvania’s 3rd most populous city, as well as the 224th biggest city within the U.S. The city had an overall population of 118,032 and currently is the quickest growing city within all of PA, as of the 2010 census.
As of 2010, it’s the biggest city within the metropolitan region referred to as the Lehigh Valley that contained a population of 821,623 individuals. Allentown constitutes a part of the NYC Metropolitan Area, as well as is Lehigh County’s county seat. The city celebrated its 250th anniversary of its founding within 1762, in 2012.

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The 4,000 m2 (43,000 square feet) museum provides more than 2,100 m2 (23,000 square feet) of exhibit area separated into 3 primary galleries and multiple smaller exhibits. On the second floor, the museum is home to rotating exhibits. Additionally on the 2nd floor includes the HubCap Cafe, as well as a vehicle art gallery that features artists like Bill Bravo.

The collection in the museum has more than 75 trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles in exhibits that tell the tale of products and people on the move from the era of the carriage to the cars of tomorrow. Also, the museum is home to the Mack Truck archives.


In 1989, officials in the city of Allentown had presented preparations to revitalize an older industrial region that involved the abandoned Arbogast and Bastian meat packing plant, alongside Lehigh River. The redevelopment that was to be well-known as “Lehigh Landing,” had to include a brewery, museum, footbridge across the river, walking trails, and festival promenade. The development got held up by fundraising issues, environmental remediation problems, and national debate upon pork barrel government spending. Following 3 different groundbreakings, the museum that cost more than $17 million to construct, officially was opened to the general public on April 12th, 2008.

Exhibits and Collections

A historically critical portion of the museum’s collection includes the 1889 Nadig Gas-Powered Carriage, amongst the original gas-powered cars driven within America. A German-born mechanic residing within Allentown, Henry Nadig, constructed his gas-powered carriage within 1889, just 2 years before Charles Duryea’s original gas-powered vehicle. Authorities made him drive the carriage in the evening, because within the daytime it scared the horses. The vehicle was found rusting inside a collapsed shed within Allentown, and then restored.

General Collection

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The America on Wheels collection is minimal as most vehicles exhibited are on loan. West Gallery will change every 6 months based upon a new theme. Numerous vehicles are on loan from Allentown, PA’s Mack Truck Museum.

Since the 1900s, the automobile in America has been the symbol of the nation’s drive to thrive. Shift to reverse and look back at the earlier days of transportation. The mission includes educating, entertaining and showcasing special exhibits and will preserve the cultural, social, and historical impact of the nation’s transportation systems, whereby contributing to the revitalization of the community. America On Wheels thinks learning inside a museum is lifelong, self-directed, and self-motivated.

More than merely an automobile collection, the museum contains trucks, cars, bicycles, and motorcycles as it tells two critical regional tales – history of Mack Trucks, as well as the earlier development of the Pennsylvania highway system and auto industry. The museum provides hands-on exhibits, 3 galleries, which include 1950’s HubCap Café, Museum Store, learning areas, library, and Changing Exhibit Gallery.

Buy your museum tickets by going to the museum. Prices of tickets are as follows:
Kids 5 and under are free; Students 6 – 16 $5; Seniors (62+) $7; adults $10. On Sundays, kids 12 and under always are free. Hours of operation: Wintertime (Jan. through Mar.) Wed. through Sat. 10am to 4pm, Sun. Noon to 4pm with the final ticket sale at 3 p.m. Summertime (April through Dec.) Tue. through Sat. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun. Noon to 5pm with the final ticket sale at 4 p.m. Please understand that days and hours of operation are subject to change because of facility rentals. They are at the thick of it all….the museum is a real adventure and thrilling for all ages.