2019 Outlander Sport | Kelly Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a feature-rich and power packed SUV, designed for adventure. So if you looking for a car that provides safety, performance, and style at an affordable price,...continue reading

2019 Eclipse Cross Safety | Kelly Mitsubishi

 Mitsubishi has always been known for its superior safety features and sharp look. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which is a mid-size SUV, lives up to the brands safety expectations...continue reading

Experience Comfortable City-Driving with the Mitsubishi 2019 Mirage G4


The Mitsubishi 2019 Mirage G4 is designed to be the perfect car for city travel. The 2019 model promises ample space in the form of plenty of leg room and trunk space, along with excellent technical support that makes internet navigation and searches a breeze when you are using it through the cars Smartphone Link Display Audio. The 2019 Mirage G4 is a 5-seater sedan that offers impressive fuel economy, great warranty coverage, and also happens...continue reading

Mitsubishi 2019 Outlander PHEV The New Luxury PHEV in the Market


The Japanese automobile giant, Mitsubishi, launched the Outlander PHEV in June 2014. Soon after, it became one of the bestselling PHEVs passing a cumulative global sales mark of 150,000 units in March 2018. The 5-door SUV-styled car was re-introduced to the automobile market as the 2019 Outlander PHEV, recently, with some new features added to the 2018 model, promising a more powerful engine and better battery capacity, among other...continue reading

Kelly Mitsubishi Oil Change

Why Is An Oil Change So Important to My Mitsubishi?

We can not stress enough how important oil changes are to the health and longevity of your Mitsubishi vehicle. Regular oil changes allow your Mitsubishi car or SUV to run smoothly without rusting, overheating, or breaking down. In other words, an oil change helps to promote performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.

We know that in Emmaus you have an endless list of options to take your Mitsubishi vehicle for an oil change, and we know that these places offer high-quality...continue reading