When youre looking to buy a car, one of the foremost things that you are supposed to check for is the transmission. We delve into this and more below.

What Does a Cars Transmission stand for?

A vehicles transmission refers to a set of components that receive power from the engine. It is responsible for distributing this power across the wheels of the car. So, it is imperative for any car-owner to ensure that their four-wheelers transmission stays in optimal shape for it to function as desired. 

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Choosing an SUV that you can drive comfortably in isnt an easy choice with all the options available today. A comparison thats often made is the Eclipse Cross vs. RAV4, so heres a guide to the features of both that might ease your decision. 

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers the style, comfort, and performance that youre looking for in an SUV and is a great choice for your next drive. It can seat up to five people in its spacious interiors. Moreover, youre also assured of your wellbeing thanks to its high safety...continue reading

Kelly Mitsubishi in Emmaus, PA, sells Mitsubishi vehicles with the signature Mitsubishi 10yr Warranty to customers in Emmaus or nearby, in locations such as Allentown, Philadelphia, and Easton. While most auto-retailers and manufacturers only offer 5-year warranties, Mitsubishi is recognized for its decade-long cover. What are its benefits? Find out below.

  1. First and foremost, the Mitsubishi warranty provides 10-year warranty coverage for your Mitsubishis powertrain. You can utilize the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty...continue reading

Heavy rains and downpours block visibility and can lead to vehicle skidding, hydroplaning and brake failure. Here are some tips to drive safely in such conditions:

Focus Soley on Driving

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The importance of an oil change simply cannot be emphasized enough. Oil provides valuable lubrication to your vehicle. It significantly improves your cars performance and ultimately extends the longevity of the...continue reading