Checking your engine oil and cleaning it regularly keeps your car running longer at maximum capacity. Engine oil lubricates your model's moving parts, dissolves acids, prevents a buildup of dirt, and stops your vehicle from overheating.

How to Check Oil

Inspecting your engine oil is easy and takes a few minutes. All you need is a rag and the instruction manual. Check your car's manual to know where the dipstick is located. Automobiles with electronic oil engines do not have traditional dipsticks. Also, you may have to warm...continue reading

Every single individual must pay special attention to the service and maintenance needs of their vehicle. Driving under particular road conditions or even for long distances can take a toll on the lifespan of the car. Frequent wear and...continue reading

One of the most significant things to take care of before winter sets in is to prepare your vehicle for the season. In this post, we share a few pointers to ensure that your car works well amidst chilly temperatures:

Maintain the Antifreeze and Coolant at Safe Levels
A vital portion of your vehicles coolant is antifreeze. Maintaining an appropriate level is critical to prevent your vehicle engine from freezing during winters. A frozen engine obviously underperforms and increases the risk of getting stranded during journeys....continue reading

Mitsubishi Service

Is Routine Maintenance Really That Important for My Mitsubishi?

The simple answer is, yes! We know that you have come to trust Mitsubishi for their quality engineering, but quality doesnt equal invincibility! Making sure to take your Mitsubishi in for regular scheduled maintenance and service repairs is extremely important to keeping you Mitsubishi running at peak performance levels. Your vehicles Warranty and Maintenance Manual will give you all of the specifics of what needs to be routinely checked/serviced,...continue reading