One of the most significant things to take care of before winter sets in is to prepare your vehicle for the season. In this post, we share a few pointers to ensure that your car works well amidst chilly temperatures:

Maintain the Antifreeze and Coolant at Safe Levels
A vital portion of your vehicles coolant is antifreeze. Maintaining an appropriate level is critical to prevent your vehicle engine from freezing during winters. A frozen engine obviously underperforms and increases the risk of getting stranded during journeys....continue reading

Kelly Mitsubishi

Need New Tires for Your Mitsubishi?

Keeping a sharp eye on your tires is extremely important for the efficiency of your vehicle and your safety. Doing a few simple checks each month will keep your tires in good shape longer and help you to avoid any tire related problems down the road. First, check your tire pressure at least once a month, use a tire pressure gauge to check each tire and determine if your tires need more air in them - or some air let out if they are filled beyond the recommended PSI for your vehicle....continue reading